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What is a Rolling Forecast?
A rolling forecast is designed to enable business decisions to be made by focusing on key drivers and levers, is comprised of a fixed number of forecast periods, a process… Read more.
About Rolling Forecast Solutions, LLC
Rolling Forecast Solutions, LLC helps organizations succeed in assessing and synthesizing complex business needs and requirements in order to select, design, develop and deploy applications that best address specific business challenges… Read more.
Come join us at one of our fully immersive workshops.  Our hands-on, interactive courses provide you with practical skills you can use immediately. Read more.
Want to learn more about Rolling Forecasts? Is a rolling forecast right for your company? Read more.
What would $6 per gallon gas do to your forecast?
Nearly every person and company in the US is affected by the climbing price of gas. Read more.
What about the budget?
The annual budget remains a valuable management tool and organizations should not be too quick to abandon it. Read more.
It’s month-end plus 13, what’s the new forecast?
Another month end means another round of the same questions. What went well, what went badly and what does that mean going forward? Read more.
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Top 10 Economic Indicators
Check back soon for up to date indicators!
A critical part of developing accurate forecasts is using the best information available on the current economic climate. We have carefully packaged the Federal Reserve’s leading economic indicators along with its near term forecasts into an easy to use set of PowerPoint slides with the supporting data in an Excel workbook. This data can be integrated into your forecast process to ensure that it is as timely and realistic as possible.

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Take control of your business performance with our customized performance management solutions. Rapidly transform information into insight by leveraging the latest business intelligence software. Become a nimble organization by crafting budgeting and forecasting tools.
Data mining has many uses including helping organizations create extremely accurate customer classifications, craft marketing messages uniquely tailored for consumers to achieve maximum benefit. Getting people to agree on the correct data source is often as difficult as getting people to agree on the correct information; there is hardly any time left to discuss what is the best go-forward plan. We have developed a scientific process behind project management that is based on four pillars: People, Process, Technology and Data. Our proprietary methodology considers the people side of projects as a foundation for success, an element that is as important as the process, technology and data components.